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A Digital Transformation Opportunity in the Western Balkans

Telekom Srbija is a Business Reporter client.

Telekom Srbija is Serbia’s largest telecommunications and multimedia provider and a market leader in Southeast Europe. The company has shown strong growth potential, with rapid innovation and transformation in recent years. We are a strong engine for change, and are driving the creation of a “Serbia 2.0” for a bright digital future throughout the Western Balkans. 

Over the past five years, Telekom Srbija has substantially evolved by digitalizing its services in line with Serbia’s digitalization strategy and by establishing itself as the leading exclusive content provider in the region. Telekom Srbija’s current strategy makes us different from other providers, and we are now somewhere between being a standard telco operator and a digital content platform. 

We have recognized where the global market is heading and have kept our focus on internet connectivity by building a powerful fiber optic infrastructure. We have also enabled new ways of generating revenue by investing in the creation of excellent digital TV content, and we are proud to say that Telekom Srbija has become the regional leader in TV content production. Unlike some other telecommunications providers, we have not relied on generating revenue solely from standard services. 

Our forthcoming rollout of the 5G telecommunications network will enable 60% of Serbian residents to gain access to 5G connectivity. At the same time, our 4G network extension across the Republic of Serbia will deliver 4G service capability to nearly everyone in the country. 

In 2022, Telekom Srbija will become the first Serbian company to receive an international credit rating from several renowned agencies, and it will issue a €500 million ($512 million) corporate bond that will be invested in optical infrastructure, our mobile network and the expansion of our business. 

We are keen to accept new challenges and to continue taking part in this exciting period of Serbia’s rapid economic growth, guided by our vision to be a trusted partner in the new digital era. 

Seize the unique opportunity to invest now in the digital transformation of the Western Balkans.

This article originally appeared in Business Reporter.

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