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In this season, ART+TECHNOLOGY sets out to answer the big questions confronted at the junction of both disciplines 

- from moral debates, to social issues, and how technology will shape the future.

Episode 2 - SYSTEMS: Who's Judging Who?

We meet three visionary artists and two experts; Irini Papadimitriou @irini_mirena, Director of Future Everything and Professor and Author Matthew Fuller who are leveraging groundbreaking technology to engineer a fairer and more transparent society. But how can art and technology help shape the next 50 years? Artist Isaac Kariuki @isaac_jpg implores us to look outside our filter bubble, Estela Oliva @clonworks @eoliv challenges us to reprogram ourselves, and artist Helen Knowles @helenknowles001 explores the potential of alternative sharing economies.

Season 3 Ep 2 - Part 3: Off-Grid Alternatives

Art and Technology

Premiered 2020-07-05

Season 3 Ep 2 - Part 2: Visibility, Bias and Transparency

Art and Technology

Premiered 2020-06-28

Season 3 Ep 2 - Part 1: Alert: System Update

Art and Technology

Premiered 2020-06-19

ART + TECHNOLOGY reveals a new art revolution pioneered by talented individuals from around the world who have fused the reals of art with today's breakthrough technologies. In its second season, ART + TECHNOLOGY examines diverse and exciting new works of art as museum directors, curators, artists, musicians, and tech-experts discuss modern and emerging forms of creative expression. Broaden your horizon and watch the revolution unfold.
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